I'm lucky enough to have never moved as a child and my parents didn't turn my room into a guest room or office when I left 20 or so years ago. I've grabbed a lot of things and sold most of it on eBay, but a few treasures remain.
  1. Bloom County Books
    I probably have 8-10 on a shelf at home. Berkeley Breathed's characters and style remain favorites to this day.
  2. Yearbooks
    There are at least 7 and all filled with mostly fond memories.
  3. Broken Skateboard Decks
    Most completes made it to eBay and other broken decks were donated to friends' projects, but a few remain.
  4. State Championship XC Jacket
    I ran, therefore I wasn't an actual jock. Regardless, it was pretty sweet to have a track jacket with giant state champion embroidery on the back.
  5. 12" Vinyl
    About 2 crates are left there ranging from hip hop to early jungle and drum & bass of the cheesier assortment.
  6. Elaina Fanzine #4
    I made an fanzine in college. Issue #4 was my biggest endeavor. It was made using offset printing. The minimums were high and therefore I didn't sell them all. There is still a box left.
  7. Various toys, stickers, posters and trinkets.
    I had a lot of interests, so there are a number of odds and ends that would be boring to list in detail.