I love my 2 month old baby girl to death, but I feel as though people should be warned about the possible things that could happen. Not usually, but could. Think of this as a warning label.
  1. Your baby could have acid reflux and projectile spit-up 10+ times a day.
    We are talking tablespoons not teaspoons
  2. Your baby may not be a good napper.
    45 minute soothing for a 20 minute nap not good
  3. Your baby might hate car rides.
    Crying, screaming, choking kind of hate
  4. Your baby might hate carriers and slings.
    Holding good, apparatus bad
  5. Your baby could be colicky.
    It's not just the evening time for some
  6. Your baby could cry every time they go outside in daylight.
    We call these vampire babies