Less than a million people live in South Dakota, making it one of America's best kept secrets! Here's why:
  1. Bob Barker - The Price Is Right host hails from this great state, and he's still kickin' it at 92!
  2. 80 MPH on the interstate - When no one lives around you you can drive as fast as you want!
  3. Minerva's - A delicious steakhouse and definitely a contender for best restaurant in the state.
  4. Dances With Wolves - This Oscar-winning Best Picture was filmed almost entirely in South Dakota--Kevin Costner at his best.
  5. White Christmases - If you're going to be cold it may as well be beautiful, and you can almost guarantee both on December 25th!
  6. Tom Brokaw - One of America's most trusted news anchors is from our Midwestern wonderland.
  7. Mt. Rushmore - Nothing says "America" like carving four white faces into a sacred American Indian mountain.
  8. No state income tax - Stacks on stacks in SD!
  9. Hugh Glass - The real life protagonist from The Revenant was mauled by a bear in South Dakota. This is actually not a great thing, but what can you do.
  10. My parents - Obviously the best thing about South Dakota is my parents!