Make sure your carrier oils are cold-pressed. I use Young Living oils - names might be different if you use something else. Goal is about 10 drops essential oil per 1oz of carrier oil - so this mixture makes a little more than 1oz (which is enough beard oil to last a good while) Adjust amounts according to need/desire/bottle size.
  1. 3 tbsp jojoba oil
  2. 2 tbsp baobab oil (or coconut)
  3. 4 drops cedar wood
  4. 2 drops sandal wood
  5. 1-2 drops Thieves
  6. 1-2 drops tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia)
  7. 1 drop copaiba
  8. 1 drop eucalyptus radiata
  9. Optional: 1-2 drops Mister