Great for any commute. Eat shit, radio!
  1. The RobCast
    Rob Bell talks about a faith worth having. These episodes are for people who are looking for something new and different than the typical, uninteresting Sunday sermon or warmed over writings of conservative white guys.
  2. Monday Morning Podcast
    Comedian Bill Burr is kind of an asshole, but he also happens to host the podcast that makes me laugh the most. Also tune in for the Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast Just Before Friday when he's "jusssscheckininonyaaa!"
  3. Ask Science Mike
    The best compliment I can give a podcast is that I fall behind because I want to listen to every episode. Science Mike is a humble and brilliant mofo who takes on some of the toughest questions out there. Great stuff for anyone who's intellectually or spiritually curious.
  4. You Made it Weird
    The kind of podcast I'm trying to do. Pete Holmes hosts refreshingly honest, funny, profound conversations with a variety of guests. Get into it!
  5. Mohr Stories
    Jay Mohr achieves the impossible: being a likable bro. Really interesting conversations with comedians and others, and sometimes improv breaks out in the middle of the episode.
  6. The Brew Drown Podcast
    This is me talking to whoever the ufck I wanna talk to. But real talk, it's a giant pain in the ass to keep up with.
  7. Finding October
    My weekly podcast about the Chicago Cubs. I don't know many things, but I know many things about the Cubs.