Happy Winter solstice peeps.
  1. Holding a mug of hipster coffee in your hands to warm them up.
    Or maybe even a beetroot-infused hot chocolate? Thanks Sartoria!
  2. Kittens snuggling up for warmth.
    Add this to the list of reasons to be legitimately late to work.
  3. Sunrises.
    Because you're never up early enough to see them any other time of year. And the sky here is so big and full of so many cloud/colour shenanigans.
  4. Boots.
    Winter wear in Melbourne is so sexy! Time to pull out the tall, sleek black leather boots and show that rain who's boss.
  5. Warm pubs with craft beer!
    Beer garden season may be dead, but there are so many great pubs with high voltage heaters and awesome local craft beers radiating warmth into that dark night. Ask for a big, hearty stout or an imperial IPA and you feel all warm inside and out.
  6. Cooking with housemates.
    Chances are if you are Gen Y and live in the city you need housemates to make ends meet. Unless Turnbull's advise about asking your parents for the cash worked? :P Well the best part about share houses is that you aren't cooking microwave dinners for one; you have a chance to collaborate and inspire and make some delicious winter feed fests together!
  7. The city skyline at night.
    And there's a lot more night to be seen.
  8. Boilermakers.
    Whiskey and craft beer pairings. Get on it. Some amazing bars in the CBD like Boilermaker House and Whiskey + Alement serve up some great winter-warming combinations.
  9. Raaaaaaaaaaamen!!!!
  10. If I were a travel magazine this is where I'd say the Winter Night Market.
    But honestly I've only been there once and it was over crowded and boring. I can pay less than $20 to hold soup in my hands in the rain on my own, thank you.
  11. That reminds me! La Manna soup!
    And dips and cheese and anything else you can think of that you want to make your winter more tasty. That's it. You're welcome!