When I tell people I work in digital, the first question is always: "Do you get to work from home?" No, for the same reasons people who work at banks usually don't work from home. But also, yuck.
  1. For boring reasons, I have to work in coffee shops instead of my actual home.
  2. Free wifi sucks.
  3. Email sucks.
  4. Moving my car every two hours sucks.
  5. The coffee shop is dying for me to leave.
  6. I have to completely pack up and forfeit my seat to use the bathroom.
  7. People keep asking me to keep their laptop safe, like I'm some kind of freelance security guard. Fuck that.
  8. Forgot my power cord. Fuck.
  9. Forgot my phone charger. I'm an idiot.
  10. Forgot my earbuds.
  11. Your music sucks. (See previous item.)
  12. Can't take a conference call from Starbucks without looking like an idiot.
  13. Listening to an idiotic pitch/informational interview/awkward pickup attempt at the next table. Please kill me.