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Why I haven't done these already is a mystery
  1. Attend a performance at Carnegie Hall
  2. Attend Sundance Film Festival
  3. Stand under a real waterfall
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Aka An Introvert's Nightmare
  1. A guy who knows a guy I know.
  2. Later, that guy's boyfriend.
  3. A guy named Pete.
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  1. Was in D.C. at a conference. Met a guy from Texas. Small talk about how we spend 4th of July. I said I was going to relatives house on Martha's Vineyard. He said he had been to MV once about 30 years prior. He'd been in New England on business and was invited by practical strangers. Turns out it was my relatives. Same people. Same house.
  2. Was in a bar in DC. Talking to random stranger from South Carolina. Small talk turned to where we grew up. I said I was born in Rhode Island and described it as "a great place to grow up but also ok to leave". He said he had two friends in South Carolina who described RI the same way. Turns out his friends are my two sisters!
  3. Phone call from a friend living on the other side of the country. He said he'd lost his wedding ring and felt terrible. Tore the house apart looking for it. I had never been to his house and never saw photos. With no particular thought I said "open the back door..". (WHY????) He found the ring under the door.
  4. Was visiting a friend in Boston for one night. Walking around. Telling random stories I mentioned a couple I knew who lived in Phoenix. I hadn't seen or talked to them in many years. It was a random mention. We turned the corner and practically ran right into them. They were spending one night in Boston...their first time there.
Inspired by @bjnovak and @Waz
  1. Martini
  2. Shaken
  3. Not stirred
  1. Power monger or Hate monger ?
  2. Liar or Idiot ?
  3. One who preys on women or One who intimidates women victims ?
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  1. I say Hello and Goodbye to my house when coming and going...if I leave without saying goodbye I feel bad
  2. I won't look when choosing an item to eat that comes in different colors because I feel like those not chosen would feel like I was playing favorites
    Ex. Taking one popsicle out of a box of popsicles.
  3. Can't sleep if pillows are left in any other room than the bedroom
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  1. Horsey Tooth Boy
    He had big teeth
  2. Uncoordinated Friend of Horsey Tooth Boy
    Because he was
  3. BTG
    A boring transitional guy I dated
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  1. Human
  2. Male
  3. Middle child
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  1. Turtles actually crawl out of their shells as they do in cartoons. I was in high school before I found out that was not true
  2. Sleeping together meant sleeping together
  3. People lived in televisions
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  1. Have the courage to write the way I speak
  2. Never shame someone
  3. Never give ultimatums
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