1. Power monger or Hate monger ?
  2. Liar or Idiot ?
  3. One who preys on women or One who intimidates women victims ?
  4. Proven risk to security or Inevitable risk to security ?
  5. Possible Criminal or Probable Clown ?
  6. Ego-maniacal or Astonishingly arrogant ?
  7. Person who has not earned my vote and wants it or Person who has not earned my vote and feels entitled to it ?
  8. First Spouse a Plagiarizing Former Model or First Spouse an Impeached Former President and Disbarred Lawyer ?
  9. One who cannot answer a simple question or One who will not answer any question ?
  10. The one Colin Powell called "a national disgrace" or the one Colin Powell said "screws up everything she touches" ?
  11. Print "Impeach Him" T-shirts or print "Impeach Her" T-shirts ?