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Not necessarily my least favorite episode, just the ones I really can't watch again
  1. The Office: Scott's Tots (6x12)
    I'm cringing thinking about it. The tot's catchy as hell HEY MR SCOTT chant can't even make up for this
  2. Glee: Shooting Star (4x18)
    This episode is one of the most real and upsetting episodes I've ever seen based on a school shooting. "Shooting" episodes were kind of dramatic fodder for a while but considering this follows the Sandy Hook school shooting it hits a little close to home. Though the acting is probably the best ever seen on this show
  3. LOST: Stranger In A Strange Land (3x9)
    Thinking about this episode just put me to sleep. And I actually LIKE Jack. I don't feel bad about this one because Carlton Cuse has gone on record saying this was one of the worst episodes.
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I realize a lot of these are about melodramatic teens
  1. THE OC: Dice (Finley Quay) 1x14
    http://youtu.be/U9IyJ3w4SWY Say what you want about Ryan and Marissa but this scene is perfect. The timing, "I love you" "Thankyou," Oliver being disappointed (haha Oliver you suck)! It's the quintessential NYE moment.
  2. NEW GIRL: Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding) 2x23
    http://youtu.be/iiCCcAXy1OY This song is magic AS IS so added in this scene where everyone's dreams about Nick & Jess were coming true is just *kisses fingers like an Italian chef* The rest of the scene is nice and funny too but whoever uploaded this to YouTube knows what I really wanted to see!
  3. LOST: There's No Place Like Home (Score)
    http://youtu.be/g8jbzyaA48g I have a lot of love for the whole LOST score but this song plays a lot during season 4 and it makes me cry every time. This is just a compilation of scenes from the finale set to it and I am FEELING IT
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Proof that Katey Sagal is everyone's mom
  1. Artie's mom, Glee
  2. Pat, Smart House
  3. Peggy Bundy, Married with Children
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  1. These are all my favorite shows that I think are all really well done, and I would be genuinely lucky if I could one day write relationships like these!
  2. They've all just made me feel a lot and I really like to talk about television.
  3. Moving on,
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everyone on New Girl is the best character, but Nick is also the best character
  1. My nightmare
  2. Look sharp, ya dumb ass
  3. Sure Janine, that sounds fun
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disclaimer: this is just members of the team, otherwise Tami would be first and Julie would be dead last ✨ clear eyes full hearts!!!
  1. 1.
    Matt Saracen
    QB1!!! The most important character ever developed, Matt Saracen is an angel in a football uniform. He has such a sad life story but is still so sweet to Julie and such a dweeb you can't help but love. Him and his grandma kill me. He's also a really good player and he cares about the panthers so much! I could write essays about Saracen. And I WILL write essays about Saracen 💖
  2. 2.
    Coach Taylor
    (Such a tough decision but only #2 because it hurts that he leaves the team after s1!) I and the rest of the world am in love with Coach Taylor! He is the heart & soul of Dillon honestly. A v attractive, fantastic speech-giving hero. Lowkey hilarious and everyone's dad. Manages to make being a football coach without any sons totally normal and not creepy.
  3. 3.
    Vince Howard
    "Playing for the East Dillon Lions probably saved my life" - no Vince, you saved the East Dillon Lions. Vince starts out a punk and ends up the QB of the super team and has so much development through. Sometimes selfish but he always learns his lesson and his such an important asset to the team. So rare to have a new character people care about but Vince is 💯 Plus him and his mom always make me cry
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obviously I'm very pro girl power but I only have sisters so fictional bro relationships slay me
  1. Ryan & Seth - The OC
    Can u believe Ryan & Seth only hug TWICE throughout all four seasons of The OC?? Because they are literally brothers I don't know how a show could make such a perfect friendship of two totally different people but it exists in Newport Beach.
  2. Scott & Stiles - Teen Wolf
    THE most consistent and important relationship on the whole damn show. Honestly the reason I breathe. They literally give me life. They too are broTHERS!!! #thanksmom
  3. Michael & Dwight - The Office
    It only gets better when you put Jim & Andy in the mix but they're both so weird, Dwight would literally kill a man for Michael, and I cry every time I think about Michael showing up at his wedding. 10/10 would recommend
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Surprise! During the hiatus the boys are actually working on HSM 4: We're Still Here
  1. What I've Been Looking For - Harry
    (The reprise, obviously) You're telling me that Harry didn't base "If I Could Fly" on this ballad? That Harry wouldn't write a song about finally finding your other half? That... Actually can someone check on this? Like did Harry base all his songs on WIBLF?
  2. I Don't Dance - Zayn
    This is kinda mean because Zayn once wrote "One Chance to Dance" with Naught Boy and they were all upset it wasn't on the album but like if you leave the band that's what you get! But this song is reminiscent of him disappearing during X Factor try outs ("Where's Zayn?") and also includes a lil section that is as close to """~rap~""" as HSM/1D ever got. And Ryan's got a big Malik note at the end.
  3. High School Musical - Niall
    This song is the meta "hey everyone lets recount our experience in song" that Niall basically already wrote with Don't Forget Where You Belong. Not as "rocky" as Niall would enjoy but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your bro's.
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  1. Patrick Dempsey was married at 21 to his 48 year old manager/mother's friend
    Ah young love
  2. BØRNS was a "professional magician" at age 10
    Admittedly I don't know what this entails
  3. Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Jack Black, Zooey Deschanel, Damon Wayans Jr., Brody Jenner & Spencer Pratt, Maya Rudolph, Liv Tyler, Michael Bay and Gwenyth Paltrow all attended the same private school
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Listen up... he deserved a nomination
  1. This perfect + talented man was not nominated for an Oscar
  2. Reason #1 Why He Should Have Been Nominated:
    This is an actual photo of the nominees this year. They look good right!?
  3. You know who would have made the nominees look a little better?
    MBJ!!!! Or literally ANY PERSON OF COLOR!
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