1. What does James Franco do with all his art?
  2. Why does Adele still have a flip phone?
  3. What ever happened with #Kony2012?
    I think everyone forgot
  4. Did NSYNC really think they would make another CD?
  5. How much money did Eduaro Saverin get from the Facebook lawsuit? 30%? Or EVERYTHING?
  6. Why did Katie Holmes decide not to return for Dark Knight?
  7. Why did the Jonas Brothers break up?
  8. Does Drake use a ghost writer or nah?
  9. Why did Miranda go to Spain right before 8th grade graduation? And why would she let Lizzie and Gordo go to Rome without her?
  10. Why'd they get rid of crispy m&m's?
  11. Does NYC need all those Duane Reade's?
  12. Is Jon Snow alive???????
    He is.