Not necessarily my least favorite episode, just the ones I really can't watch again
  1. The Office: Scott's Tots (6x12)
    I'm cringing thinking about it. The tot's catchy as hell HEY MR SCOTT chant can't even make up for this
  2. Glee: Shooting Star (4x18)
    This episode is one of the most real and upsetting episodes I've ever seen based on a school shooting. "Shooting" episodes were kind of dramatic fodder for a while but considering this follows the Sandy Hook school shooting it hits a little close to home. Though the acting is probably the best ever seen on this show
  3. LOST: Stranger In A Strange Land (3x9)
    Thinking about this episode just put me to sleep. And I actually LIKE Jack. I don't feel bad about this one because Carlton Cuse has gone on record saying this was one of the worst episodes.
  4. One Tree Hill: 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days (5x01)
    WOW has there ever been a more depressing season opener. This ep is tragic and mostly because of Nathan's haircut. Don't need to see it again
  5. Friday Night Lights: Last Days of Summer (2x01)
    This might be a more depressing season opener, actually. This episode highlights the biggest mistakes Coach and Julie ever made AKA the first time they were on the same wavelength. And I hated it. Also this ep introduces the Swede 🙄
  6. The OC: The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah (3x10)
    The OC Chrismukkah episodes are ICONIC. Except for this one. Mostly because I hate any episode that revolves around helping Johnny
  7. Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors (4x12)
    Probably should rewatch this because it was so damn confusing but I don't want to rewatch it because it was so damn confusing.
  8. Grey's Anatomy: One Flight Down (8x24)
    There is no reason to rewatch this. Unless you're a complete masochist who enjoys watching people die and then being completely left in the dark as to how it's resolved
  9. How I Met Your Mother: Bedtimes Stories (9x11)
    I did like the last season but this just existed to fill up the number of episodes they needed - i mean, come on, they rhymed the WHOLE EPISODE, there was no point in it.
    Suggested by @_sarah
  10. Friends 3.16 "The One The Morning After"
    Ross and Rachel fighting and breaking up is way too much for me to handle, even if the rest of the gang camped out in Monica's bedroom is hilarious. Even looking up pictures for this is making me sad.
    Suggested by @hermionegranger