I realize a lot of these are about melodramatic teens
  1. THE OC: Dice (Finley Quay) 1x14
    http://youtu.be/U9IyJ3w4SWY Say what you want about Ryan and Marissa but this scene is perfect. The timing, "I love you" "Thankyou," Oliver being disappointed (haha Oliver you suck)! It's the quintessential NYE moment.
  2. NEW GIRL: Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding) 2x23
    http://youtu.be/iiCCcAXy1OY This song is magic AS IS so added in this scene where everyone's dreams about Nick & Jess were coming true is just *kisses fingers like an Italian chef* The rest of the scene is nice and funny too but whoever uploaded this to YouTube knows what I really wanted to see!
  3. LOST: There's No Place Like Home (Score)
    http://youtu.be/g8jbzyaA48g I have a lot of love for the whole LOST score but this song plays a lot during season 4 and it makes me cry every time. This is just a compilation of scenes from the finale set to it and I am FEELING IT
  4. THE BLACK DONNELLY'S: Open Your Eyes (Snow Patrol) 1x01
    http://youtu.be/aDu1krcT8ak You have probably never heard of this show so TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, the pilot is hands down the best episode and this scene is a masterpiece, tbh. Featuring Olivia Wilde and an old man being shot. Enjoy!
  5. GREY'S ANATOMY: Where Does The Good Go (Teagan & Sara) 10x24
    http://youtu.be/UNpMlojtoE8 This song is used more than once but Meredith & Cristina's last dance is just perfect and simultaneously so uplifting and soul crushing. Just what I look for in TV.
  6. THE OC: Champagne Supernova (Matt Pond) 2x14
    http://youtu.be/OdTGOa15vEw This scene is so important and so iconic, I don't know who is luckier that Oasis let The OC use the song: us or them.
  7. GLEE: Tongue Tied (Grouplove) 3x21
    http://youtu.be/OvkPR_ox3G0 Okay yes it's a Glee cast cover but it's not a performance, it's a montage, and there's a difference! I've already stated how a happy endings montage gets me every time, and this is the most perfect example I could imagine. They just won Nationals and people are actually celebrating them!! Glee is a good show guys :(
  8. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Shake It Off (Florence + the Machine) 7x17
    Y'all I get chills EVERY TIME I watch this scene. EVERYONE HAS AN UMBRELLA! Ted's wife is out there! There's someone for everyone!!!!!
  9. PARKS AND RECREATION: Get On Your Feet (Gloria Estefan) 4x11
  10. SCREAM QUEENS: Everybody [Backstreets Back] (Backstreet Boys) 1x03
    http://youtu.be/AWTiduS20lI What a weird, weird show. Glen Powell is a gift
  11. THE MINDY PROJECT: Midnight City (M83) 1x24
    What a will they/won't they song! What a way to end a season! Apparently a lot of people agree because the only clip I can find of this scene is Mindy/Danny fan videos set to this song.
  12. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Theme (Explosions In The Sky)
    http://youtu.be/cQ-iijn0HpU Let's be real this is the best theme song on TV.
  13. GREY'S ANATOMY: Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) 2x27
    http://youtu.be/tFgk9PfjKF8 I don't even like Denny that much but this scene is TOO MUCH. Shonda loves Chasing Cars but this was the start of it and it's just all downhill from here.
  14. THE OFFICE: Forever (Chris Brown) 6x05
    http://youtu.be/tJd9l-7Jp_M Genuinely couldn't think of anything more perfect. When did The Office ever get it wrong?
  15. THE OC: Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) 1x27
    http://youtu.be/WyXhxin-7A8 When everything goes right back to where it was at the beginning of season 1. Is it supposed to be fun watching this show??? Idk but they have good music
  16. ONE TREE HILL: Dare You To Move (Switchfoot) 1x08
    http://youtu.be/Dj_A3BgUPL4 Cheesy as HELL but you can't deny this is an iconic start to Naley!
  17. TEEN WOLF: Kids (Mikky Eko) 3x12
    http://youtu.be/D0SqQ7LOhxY Stiles and Scott, man. A show about werewolves can really get you down if you just accept what's coming to you. This scene is so cheesy but so... so perfect
  18. GREY'S ANATOMY: Off I Go (Greg Laswell) 5x24
    http://youtu.be/Pe8ZIy_fl-w Has there even been a more dramatic Grey's finale? Haha yeah obviously bUT damnit this one really hurts by the end.