obviously I'm very pro girl power but I only have sisters so fictional bro relationships slay me
  1. Ryan & Seth - The OC
    Can u believe Ryan & Seth only hug TWICE throughout all four seasons of The OC?? Because they are literally brothers I don't know how a show could make such a perfect friendship of two totally different people but it exists in Newport Beach.
  2. Scott & Stiles - Teen Wolf
    THE most consistent and important relationship on the whole damn show. Honestly the reason I breathe. They literally give me life. They too are broTHERS!!! #thanksmom
  3. Michael & Dwight - The Office
    It only gets better when you put Jim & Andy in the mix but they're both so weird, Dwight would literally kill a man for Michael, and I cry every time I think about Michael showing up at his wedding. 10/10 would recommend
  4. Meredith & Alex - Grey's Anatomy
    She was his best man and he has no guy friends so it COUNTS! And now they're each other's person and I have never seen such dedication to a friend, fictional or otherwise, like damn.
  5. Sam & Blaine - Glee
    Genuinely the only consistent friendship on the entire show which isn't saying much but it is very nice to see friends who are just generally kind to each other and a normal gay/straight friendship. They have 💯 storylines because nothing on Glee ever makes sense and they have rly nice bro duets
  6. Mac & Charlie - It's Always Sunny
    They have a tradition of throwing rocks at trains on Christmas which they've done since they were kids because what else would you do on Christmas? And that's it
  7. Mark & Jackson - Grey's Anatomy
    (honestly Mark + everyone but) The Plastics Posse is really important to me!! Mark was basically a dad to Jackson and was always looking out for him even though they were just bro's and Jackson would never be with April without him and 😭
  8. Jake & Charles - Brooklyn Nine Nine
    "We're supposed to die on the force together. Me in a big explosion and you committing suicide at my funeral out of respect." I luv characters who prob wouldn't be friends in real life but end up working really well together, it's nice
  9. Marshall & Ted - HIMYM
    When your friendship is built on "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," 3-way couple costumes & constantly telling your third friend he is not also your best friend then you know it's legit
  10. Nick & Schmidt - New Girl
    No disrespect to Winston but Nick & Schmidt are literally in love and everyone knows it "My degree says I majored in Communications, but my heart says I majored in Nicholas studies"
  11. Troy & Abed - Community
    Troy and Abed in the moooooorning 🎶
  12. Matt & Tim- Friday Night Lights
    I could include the entire Panthers team but Matt and Tim was very rare and very special ok?? Like when they went hunting together or when Riggins was like "so, how about Saracen sleeping with the coach's daughter?" Really iconic stuff
  13. Nathan & Lucas- One Tree Hill
    You know that thing where you've known and hated your half brother your whole life until you start dating his best friend and you are forced to hang and then you realize you really love each other and decide to be a family? No??
  14. Michael & Rogelio- Jane the Virgin
    A weird inclusion because it's Jane's ex boyfriend and dad she just found out about but honestly they're the funniest part of the show and they deserve more recognition!!!!
  15. Peter & Jeremy - The Mindy Project
    Are they enemies? Best friends? Really good beer pong partners? Tbh it doesn't matter, I just really like hearing Ed Weeks say "Peeetah"
  16. Cory & Shawn- Boy Meets World
    The OG bromance, would literally be married if it wasn't for Topanga
  17. Liam & Louis- 1D
    99% sure they're fictional, 99% friendship like this doesn't actually exist in the real world and must have been written