It might seem impossible but like... I raised them!
  1. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy
    Literally my son! Except if he actually was he wouldn't have such a tragic backstory. Still my son tho
  2. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf
    So proud to have him as my son, what a good child.
  3. Justin Bieber
    He's definitely fictional and definitely my son.
  4. Matt Saracen - Friday Night Lights
    Uugghh my #1 son, my son who deserves the most in this world.
  5. Robb Stark - Game of Thrones
    Just cause he's King in the North doesn't mean he can't be my son!
  6. Finn Hudson & Sam Evans - Glee
    They're essentially the same character and they're essentially both my sons. RIP Finn 1.0 :(
  7. Sodapop - The Outsiders
    The other boys are sons by association.
  8. Charlie Kelly - It's Always Sunny
    This prob isn't a good sign? But he's still my son
  9. Ron Weasley - Harry Potter
    The most important member of the trio is obviously my son.
  10. Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games
    Is my son: real or not real? REAL!
  11. Ryan Atwood - The OC
    My sad son punches people too much but what are ya gonna do, sons will be sons!