Surprise! During the hiatus the boys are actually working on HSM 4: We're Still Here
  1. What I've Been Looking For - Harry
    (The reprise, obviously) You're telling me that Harry didn't base "If I Could Fly" on this ballad? That Harry wouldn't write a song about finally finding your other half? That... Actually can someone check on this? Like did Harry base all his songs on WIBLF?
  2. I Don't Dance - Zayn
    This is kinda mean because Zayn once wrote "One Chance to Dance" with Naught Boy and they were all upset it wasn't on the album but like if you leave the band that's what you get! But this song is reminiscent of him disappearing during X Factor try outs ("Where's Zayn?") and also includes a lil section that is as close to """~rap~""" as HSM/1D ever got. And Ryan's got a big Malik note at the end.
  3. High School Musical - Niall
    This song is the meta "hey everyone lets recount our experience in song" that Niall basically already wrote with Don't Forget Where You Belong. Not as "rocky" as Niall would enjoy but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your bro's.
  4. Right Here Right Now - Liam
    Romance + dramatics + harmonies = Liam in a nutshell so yes Liam would absolutely have written this tree house tune!!! I don't hate it
  5. Gotta Go My Own Way - Louis
    The G rated Love You Goodbye. C'mon Louis loves emotional songs about relationships! "I gotta leave but I'll miss you" is the original "my hearts already breakin baby go on twist the knife"