1. Look for the good stuff
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    Today sucked. San Bernadino is in a terrible place, and things need to change. But a less-reported-on story today is the (RED) celebrity charity contests hosted by Omaze. Donating to research enters you into contests like "George Clooney compliments you for 45 seconds" and "Get ice cream with Bono." It sounds stupid, but it's silly + a sign that maybe things aren't all that bad. I saw it and it made me smile. That counts for something.
  2. Make your bed in the morning
    I read something once that was along the lines of "if you want to change the world, make your bed when you wake up." I don't know if ~changing the world~ is what I've been doing, but when you make your bed in the AM it's an accomplishment done in the first 10 minutes you're awake. That's impressive and motivating!
  3. Apologize when you bump into people!
    I know we're trying to get past women apologizing for stuff. But working in NYC I'm Always. Bumping. Into. People. And we're so used to it that we usually just keep walking. But after I was literally assaulted yesterday by a woman who was in a hurry, I realized it's not really worth treating each other like human punching bags. I apologized to 5 people today. It felt nice tbh.
  4. Buy good quality clothes that fit you + work well
    I hate spending money. I'm always worried about it. But going to work in a jacket that's too small and shoes that rub is just aggravating. Shop for stuff you like and treat it well, and your walk to work will be much more comfortable.
  5. Listen to music that makes you happy
    There is so much damn depressing music out there! I get that it's an art and there's a time for everything but how will you get out of a funk if you're listening to songs that make you want to crawl into a hole forever? Listen to "Wolves" instead!! It always works!
  6. Wake up 10 minutes earlier
    Full disclosure: I'm a night owl who consistently stays up past 2 AM + I love to sleep. But I also hate rushing in the morning. ALSO tho, I wake up like 40 minutes earlier than I need to so that I can watch Grey's Anatomy before I go to work so maybe in not the best person to give advice. But it is infinitely more relaxing when you're not running around, and I can actually say I had a good morning before I leave the house. That 10 minutes of sleep does nothing in the end.
  7. Leave 5 minutes earlier
    Again it's all about the pacing. I hate rushing! It sucks and it's stressful! Leaving 5 minutes could save you from looking like a sweaty mess when you run into work + could help you make that train AND get a seat. 💯
  8. Ask your friends for good news
    Did you know that you can talk to your friends about fun stuff, like boys and feelings, rather than just talk about jobs all the time? Cause a lot of people don't know this! And it's depressing to constantly be trading complaints. It's always nice to vent, but let's not focus on the negative alright?
  9. Eat whatever you want but don't get addicted to it!
    I eat so much frickin chocolate that I get headaches when I don't eat it. That's so sad! Enjoy food when you crave it, but don't depend on it.
  10. Hug someone
    My best friend always said a minute long hug relieves stress. I'm not saying hug strangers or anything, but hug someone you love. It's nice.
  11. Watch the airport scenes in Love, Actually
    It's Christmas time. All those people are so happy and real. You can be happy too.