AKA I'm running out of ideas for lists
  1. Ranking of Parks and Rec characters
    They're all #1 EXCEPT Councilman Jam & Mark Brendanawicz, they don't even make the list.
  2. Ranking of One Direction songs
    Like no thanks (except this website does it for you: http://half-measures.tumblr.com this is the future)
  3. Favorite books
    Because I love to read but being busy in college made me read really inconsequential stuff like celebrity memoirs, so the list would be embarrassing.
  4. Top celebrity men
    Because 1) I'm a sucker and the list would likely be alarmingly long 2) it too would be embarrassing
  5. Favorite cities
    Definitely impossible because I have never left the country other than the few hours I spent in Canada. Would be cool though.