There was a lot of data but it was all good 🎵
  1. The 20/20 Experience- Justin Timberlake
    I'll probably never get sick of this album. Makes the time fly by because basically each song is 5+ minutes long.
  2. Take Care (Deluxe)- Drake
  3. Perfect EP- One Direction
    Trust me, that Drag Me Down Remix really gets you goin. Also there's no better way to listen to "Perfect" three times!
  4. "On My Mind" -Ellie Goulding
    This song is like, a confirmed response to Ed Sheeran's "Don't" right? Because I now need Niall Horan's take on the situation on Made in the AM, thanks!
  5. "Love Me Like You" -Little Mix
    Y'all Little Mix is so good 🙌🏼
  6. V- Maroon 5
    I couldn't remember if I loved this album. It's iight.
  7. "Gold Slugs" -DJ Khaled
    Honestly I just wanted to screenshot this for a joke but I don't have Spotify premium so it had to go in the playlist. It was fine.
  8. "Sorry" -Justin Bieber
    I FORGIVE YOU JUSTIN! I really do!
  9. "Colors" -Halsey
    Thanks to my little sister for showing me this!! Gotta stay hip!!
  10. "Closer" -Teagan and Sara
    BUT it was the Glee Cast Version and I listened to it like 5 times cause it's just so good? But why??
  11. FOUR- One Direction
    Except Spaces because I wasn't tryna cry at work.
  12. "Sober" -Selena Gomez
    This should be her single because tbh it's a lot better than her songs on the radio. @SelenaGomez I got you girl
  13. "Catch Fire" -5 Seconds of Summer
    Shoutout #2 to my little sister but truthfully this song is really good. Also listened to "She's Kinda Hot" obv
  14. "Hello" -Adele
    I hadn't listened to it until today. I knooww
  15. "Tongue Tied" -Grouplove
  16. And then my boss let me leave early 💯