I'll never stop making 1D lists!
  1. One Way or Another
    Honestly so A+, and not just because they "directed" it themselves and donated the saved money to charity. Filmed in a bunch of different cities, peak Zayn, features Niall in a bath tub, and even the Prime Minister knew it would be a hit. http://youtu.be/36mCEZzzQ3o
  2. One Thing
    The best bb Direction video and admittedly what made me love them so much in the first place. They're trying to be relatable and cute and tbh it works. Also I love this song. http://youtu.be/Y1xs_xPb46M
  3. Night Changes
    Night Changes is lowkey such a good idea and even though it's weird they're not all in the same place it's the least stressful to watch because you only have to look for one of them at a time. Also Liam's face on the ride is gold. http://youtu.be/syFZfO_wfMQ
  4. Kiss You
    My sister and I literally screamed watching this video for the first time just because it is so wild and makes zero sense, and there are so many background gems. I've seen this video at least 100 times. http://youtu.be/T4cdfRohhcg
  5. Best Song Ever
    This video is inSANE and is really just a promo for their documentary but it doesn't even matter, Zayn is wearing a dress and Harry is honestly very funny. http://youtu.be/o_v9MY_FMcw
  6. Live While We're Young
    One Thing 2.0 except they all know they've gotten better looking. This vid is very sentimental to me because the song and the video leaked right before I had to go to class so there was a lot of excitement around it. http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc
  7. Drag Me Down
    They all look really good which honestly is the main reason it's this high on this list. http://youtu.be/Jwgf3wmiA04
  8. Story of My Life
    Another solid music video idea even though this song still makes zero sense to me. Shoutout to the entire Payne family and also whoever did the set decoration because they deserve some kind of award. http://youtu.be/W-TE_Ys4iwM
  9. What Makes You Beautiful
    The most boyband video you could think of but was probably everyone's first look at 1d so it's very important. It's cute. http://youtu.be/QJO3ROT-A4E
  10. Steal My Girl
    Why Danny DeVito? Why did they all get code names? Why are they on such a bad green screen at the end? Don't know the answers to any of these questions but Liam's bread hand cast is forever immortalized thanks to this vid which I appreciate. http://youtu.be/UpsKGvPjAgw
  11. Perfect
    Again they all look really good. But compared to all their other videos about nothing this one is just fine. http://youtu.be/Ho32Oh6b4jc
  12. Midnight Memories
    Maybe I'm salty because this song shouldn't have been a single when the MM album had so many hits but this is literally One Thing 3.0 except they're with old people and eating gyros and idk. http://youtu.be/bkx9kCdaaMg
  13. Gotta Be You
    That girl at the end looks like Taylor Lautner and everyone is way too emotional. A classic though. http://youtu.be/nvfejaHz-o0
  14. Little Things
    Unpopular opinion but I'm kind of sick of Little Things and videos where everyone's ~pretending to record. Niall's braces are a highlight. http://youtu.be/xGPeNN9S0Fg
  15. You and I
    I feel like this should go last because there was that controversy with stealing the idea and everything. Plus they all look sickly 😷 http://youtu.be/_kqQDCxRCzM