I work there, spend maybe 15 minutes outside tops, and am endlessly entertained
  1. A man in a shrimp costume
    Promoting Bubba Gump's 🍤 He looked sad
  2. A mother and son in corresponding Abercrombie / Hollister sweatshirts
    I think they were Swedish
  3. A group of American business people, trying to walk through caution tape
    A guy fell before any of them realized what was happening. Like what??! This was in front of Penn Station but it counts because it was simultaneously the best and saddest thing I saw all day.
  4. A very enthusiastic selfie-stick salesman
  5. A well dressed couple arguing
    Him, gesturing at her: "What did you think this was?" 😐
  6. A family pulling 6 suitcases behind them very slowly
    Very. Slowly.
  7. A family taking their Christmas card
    Solid 🎄
  8. 5 "Do you like Comedy?" Guys
  9. 3 separate Italian-looking guys posing in front of the lights and having their friend crouch down to take a low angle picture of them
    A classic NYC look