I'm not kidding
  1. ok so when I first heard that High School Musical's 10 year anniversary was this week I was like aight cool
    seems about right in the timeline of my life
  2. but then I realized that it's January 18 i.e. past New Year's and I was like, oh so the anniversary already passed!
  3. because I have VERY distinct memories of watching the premiere of High School Musical on Dec. 31, 2005
    I was at my parents' friends' house sitting in their basement with the other kids while the adults drank in the other room. I can picture it perfectly
  4. I have even told people this story when the topic of High School Musical came up
    it was the only DCOM that I had seen the premiere of or SO I THOUGHT
  5. so I looked it up to confirm my idea that they were celebrating late
  6. and I was DISTRAUGHT to find this on Wikipedia
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    premieres JANUARY 20, 2006 ??????¿¿
  8. I am Berenstein Bears level confused guys
    and I've been researching the premiere date of High School Musical for a ridiculous amount of time trying to find evidence that I didn't dream this up
  9. possible explanations:
    1. I did watch the premiere but it was not New Year's Eve ~~~ I guess this is possible but I don't think I would have been over at their house unless it was a holiday? this just doesn't mesh with my memory / 2. My brain lies ~~~ I mean tru but also I can't just accept a betrayal like this from my own limbic system
  10. are all of my memories lies
  11. is anything real