1. no one on one conversations
    only send a message in a group chat if it's relevant to most if not all of the people in that group PLS for the love of god
  2. if you accidentally start a one on one conversation, text the person individually so y'all can take it elsewhere
    I don't know why people don't ever think of this, but I super don't need to be involved in your "so what's up, (name that isn't mine)?" catch up session so please 🚫
  3. if you're making plans in a group chat that not everyone in the group is attending, be conservative with the amount of messages the rest of you send
    common theme is that I don't like getting texts that aren't actually for me lol
  4. also please don't shade me for not responding
    just a personal preference
  5. that's all have a nice day
    I understand that this is Not That Deep but I get annoyed! SORRY bout it