remember when i said i'd see you "in a few months probably" back in August....anyway here's some things i dig right now off the top of my head
  1. this pic of my mans Barack
    miss u everyday sir
  2. my acting class
    i signed up for it to get out of my comfort zone and to Explore My Passions and am definitely doing those things
  3. Dear Evan Hansen
    if you're into musicals give it a listen
  4. stir fry
    the current go-to meal and i'm getting pretty damn good at making it tbh
  5. Lorde's new music video + single "Green Light"
    i'm not huge on music videos bc they're usually boring but i LOVE the video for this song it is so pretty i want to live inside of it
  6. red eyeshadow
    i love to look dead
  7. Khalid's new album "American Teen"
    bangerz (especially "Location")
  8. my politics group chat
    it's good to vent
  9. sitting in the back corner of my (boring) fairy tales and gender formation class and doodling/writing in my journal
    my purest creative outlet
  10. my COWORKERS
    they're some of my favorite humans for sure for SURE