1. Stranger Things
    this show is SO good. Understand that I do not (usually) like sci-fi stuff (I can get into why some other time), but I LOVED every minute of this. It's fucking weird and cool and I highly recommend giving it a shot
  2. the Arthur fist meme + minimalist interpretations
    the Internet is so funny
  3. Suicide Squad reviews
    I haven't seen the movie but I've read/watched so many reviews and really enjoyed seeing what everyone thinks went wrong
  4. learning
    🤓 I'm ready to go back to school !!
  5. unfollowing people on Twitter/Instagram/snapchat
    because the only feeling I got from engaging with them was neutral at best, annoyance at worst and u just have to accept that sometimes you care about the intricacies of the lives of people you don't know and sometimes you don't and that's fine
  6. the quote "everything is different but everything is fine"
    because tru
  7. young women at the Olympics
    Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky, etc! killing it! not really watching the games but somewhat keeping up on the news and I really just want all these girls to have everything they want in life! also s/o to to the guys on the US swimming team I love u guys too
  8. thinking about the future
    opportunities! possibilities! dreams!!
  9. that's all for now
    see u like a few months probably or maybe sooner who's to say