1. so I hate Facebook
    and would probs delete it in a heartbeat if it wasn't used so widely in college for communication about organizations/events/raves/etc. also I do like seeing my friends' pictures sometimes u kno
  2. but a few weeks ago I joined two pages: Cool Dog Group and Dogspotting
    cool dog group is 10/10 good laughs, good puppy pics. Dogspotting is oK but there are rules and I h8 rules and also seeing people be scolded for not following them but that's not what this li.st is abOUT
  3. all of a sudden, my newsfeed was flooded w/ pictures and vids of cute, funny dogs instead of mindnumbing updates on people I feel too guilty to unfriend for whatever reason
  4. and it was actually really good for me
    like. positivity wise. it made me happy instead of Sucking my Soul like facebook used to
  5. but then all of a sudden a few days ago all these pics started making me upset
    and I DON't Have my cats here with me either
  7. so I am BITTER
    and I should probably just find the nearest humane shelter but THAT's 2 logical for me rn and also I'm busy fuk u
  8. anyway short story short I don't want to see so many gosh darn dogs on the Internet anymore
  9. aight peace