SUP YALL YA GIRL IS BACK. context for this ~~ I have lived in 3 places - my parents' house until I was 18 (and on breaks now), my freshman year dorm room, and the sorority house I live in currently (s/o!). I'm moving into my first apartment in the fall or possibly even the summer and I'm soooo 😊🤑🎉💝 about it
  1. my own room
    you don't know what you got til it's gone and I didn't realize how important this was to me until college. I really luv my roommate now but having my own space is V important to my mental state and I'm excited to not have to worry about someone else within that space
    to cook real food!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had really bad timing and started getting really into cooking right before I started college and had to move somewhere I didn't have access to a kitchen and I am SO excited to be in control of my food more than just choosing what I want to microwave
  3. decorating!
    I realize my first college apartment isn't gonna be Pinterest-perfect but like I've had a DIY neon sign tutorial bookmarked for a few months and I am READY
  4. my future roommates are cool too
    they're super chill and we're def going to have some fun