1. Flight from Arizona to North Carolina
    This was during the summer of 2015 when Gabriel and I went to Arizona for three whole weeks! Can you believe I was able to go home for so long with him? Hot damn, I was so happy to have that time with him.
  2. My husband, Carmen, & myself
    I was so excited to finally get professional photos taken with my little family. we are so adorable, which is unbiased not considering the fact it's my family-- but, just look at us. You can't say we're not adorable looking, as Carmen is trying to break free from our best grips on her. One of the best days
  3. Gabriel in the water at Myrtle beach, SC
    This was during the marriage retreat, our first one ever. We have such a blast going to the beach, enjoying the resort,& meeting such awesome individuals. We ended up renting mopeds and drove them everywhere and beyond-- I was so exhausted after it all. As a little reminder to myself I must say that it was pretty cool being able to hangout with all these cool people including the Chaplin and his assistant. I have to admit I am very disappointed that there weren't more lectures and God talk.
  4. Gabriel & Carmen cuddling on the couch in an awkward position
    One of my favorite moment & photos. They're so cute!
  5. Me & kelsey
    My sister and mother in law came to visit. These are the photos I took with kelsey on our way home from picking them up in Raleigh. Raleigh is a town about an hour or so away from Fayetteville, it's nice up there. More city like and more to do