I visited my 87 year old mother last week. Her memory is failing in a noticeable way which was sad and heartbreaking. I had a number of conversations with her.
  1. How old my children are?
    My mom asked me about 15 times how old my daughter was.
  2. How big is the town I live in?
    It's about 10,000 people. She asked me this about five times.
  3. How she met my Dad?
    I asked her this one and received a great story about when she moved to California.
  4. What a good son I am!
    She was very proud to be introducing me to the other people at her nursing home. I just felt like crap because she's been there for six months and this was my first visit.
  5. How she's doing?
    She has nerve damage on her side from a bout with shingles over fifteen years ago. She is in constant pain, walks with a limp and struggles to climb the stairs. She says that she is fine.
  6. How good it was to see her.
    It was good to see her. I love her tons. I wish I didn't live 2000 miles away.