Things I don't miss from California

I used to live in California. While there are some things I miss, there are things I don't miss as well.
  1. Traffic
    Spending four hours everyday on the freeway is a miserable existence.
  2. Smog
    You can't exercise outside from all the pollution.
  3. Crowds
    Everyone moving to California has made it unbearable.
  4. Concrete
    There's no green vegetation. Everything has been paved over.
  5. Drought
    There's not enough water for all the people.
  6. Expectations
    Everyone tries really hard to be cool.
  7. Radical Liberals
    You can't support just a few liberal causes. It's all or nothing.
  8. Media Industry
    I go to maybe three movies per year and rarely watch TV. Apparently I am driving Hollywood producers out of their jobs.