Skip breakfast. Eat lunch

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I beg to differ
  1. Breakfast is usually eaten in solitude or in a rush
    Lunch is the best time to socialize, explore, or process your mid day thoughts. Surround yourself with people and enjoy a conversation.
  2. Breakfast food is so limiting
    Pancakes, eggs, bagels, cereal. Come on now, we all crave the intense sodium from lo mein and a melted slice of cheese pizza to settle those cravings.
  3. Jumpstart your day (a few hours later)
    I'm not saying don't have a meal to wake your groggy mind up, and I'm not saying breakfast isn't good for you. But I mean think about how much better lunch would taste if you teased your stomach for a few hours. Oh the satisfaction.
  4. You don't get paid for breakfast
    If you do, you're lucky. But most people only get paid for lunch. I mean think about it. You're getting paid to eat. I'll have the lobster please.
  5. Brunch is lunch
    I love brunch. The name itself clearly shows it's more lunch than breakfast. And it's the easiest way to excuse a two hour mimosa session with friends