1. Charlotte Brontë
    I wrote my 57 page dissertation on her. Charlotte entered the publishing world when it was a heavily male dominated field. She maneuvered it gracefully and worked to get her sisters' work published as well. Poet Laureate Robert Southey told her she shouldn't publish work, but she persevered and became one of the most beloved female authors.
  2. Emma Watson
    Despite growing up in the spotlight, she remains poised, free from scandal, and one hell of a fashion icon. Her speech on gender equality at the UN was inspiring and her #heforshe movement has brought attention to an issue that is important to me.
  3. Michelle Obama
    I believe Michelle is one of the greatest role models for young girls today. She has a presence of strength that I rarely see today. She is also using her status to raise awareness for important issues, from bringing home the 218 girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria, to promoting education in impoverished areas, and of course, her famous crusade for health in the US.
  4. JK Rowling
    She started off as a destitute single mother and ended up richer than the queen. She created one of the richest imaginary worlds for children to escape to. She fostered a generation of readers. And her Twitter account is #goals.
  5. Harriet Tubman
    Harriet is probably one of my favorite historical figures. Her role in the Underground Railroad was incredible. She rose from slavery to become one of the most memorable figures in history. And if I met her today, I'm pretty sure the words "boss bitch" would be uttered.