I work in retail currently, so I see a lot of kids just getting started.
  1. Study abroad
    I lived in Scotland for a year and it was probably th best thing I have ever done. Even if it's not during your undergraduate studies, it is still worth it. There is nothing to a young mind like culture.
  2. Live by yourself after college
    This may seem weird, and potentially isolating. But two years after I graduated college, I rented my own apartment in Brooklyn. It makes you so self sufficient. This means when the oven doesn't work you have to call someone to fix it. And when the light in the hallway breaks, you live with a dark hallway until you move out (unless you call your landlord).
  3. Continue to read
    After college, I've noticed two distinct types of people. Those who are happy to have earned their degrees and simply stopped the learning process, and those who seek out new information, ingesting and absorbing all there is to know about the topics they love or the subjects of the news. Be the ladder. Be well educated.
  4. Vote
    I don't think it's ever been more important. So many young people waste their voice. It is the only tool given to us to choose our future. Don't fucking waste it.
  5. Write things down
    Whether in an analog journal or an online forum, I promise these are the years you will want to remember.
  6. Forget what you parents want you to do and do what you want
    You are finally an "adult". This is strange. This is new. But most of all, this is a time for you to do what you want, and set yourself on a path that you want to be on. If you don't start now, it may be too late.
  7. Fucking just read Harry Potter
    Everything I needed to know about good and bad and right and wrong I learned from Harry.