I don't understand any of these
  1. Boba Fett
  2. Anyone from Glee
  3. The Terrible Best Friend from Love Actually
  4. Ross Gellar
    We need to rethink how much we as a culture like Friends
  5. Harry Potter
    Literally everyone else in the Harry Potter series is more interesting than the main character
  6. Charlie Brown
    He's in a lot of movies but does he ever actually learn anything????
  7. The cast of Frozen EXCEPT Olaf
    Olaf is bae
  8. Every Woody Allen character ever written
    Midnight in Paris was great if you take out everything about it that can be traced directly to Woody Allen (so, like, now it's just a movie about Ernest Hemingway talking to thin air)
  9. Captain America
    BORING next
  10. Rocky
    I only say this because I've never seen any rocky movies and I don't intend to