I'm a jerk
  1. Whistling
    All signs point to this being annoying because I personally can't whistle, but still. Whenever I hear it I immediately become enraged
  2. Children's birthday parties
    I can't be the only single childless adult who finds these to be challenging
  3. Excessive joy before 10AM
    I don't even want morning ppl to TALK to me before 10AM but it's not like they can help being happy they're alive
  4. Having to get ready at the same time as other people
    I didn't say this list was rational, did I? No.
  5. Being approached
    When people approach you it's usually either cause they want you to do something for them OR they have something to say that you don't want to hear. I don't mind being reached out to
  6. When people read through my SNS and then reference something I wrote
    These people scare me, but in reality they're probably just trying to show that they've done due diligence and want me to know they care (or something)
  7. Being casually interrupted
    I don't think there's usually a lot of ill intent behind this, but it makes me want to scream when I'm talking and someone else walks in and immediately talks over me
  8. When the grocery store cashier has Something to Say about my food choices
    They're just trying to be social but no I do not have a kid I am buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch for myself
  9. Inspirational meme content on Facebook
    Nowhere else will you find such terrible combinations of overexposed stock photos and black-outlined comic sans font, all parading misattributed quotations with the goal of lifting people's spirits and making their days a little better
  10. Compliments about how good I look now that I exercise
    Of course people mean well. But I prefer to be the only person constantly obsessing over my physical appearance