This is a lot of kpop and I'm not sorry
  1. 너무 좋아 (I Love It) by G-Dragon
    It sounds VERY Michael Jacksonesque plus it's kpop and it's GD. And it features Zion.T so how could you not like this it's such a bop
  2. Right For You by Lil Silva
    It features Banks which is killer enough. I love this kind of chilled out vibe though I'm all about weird semi detached pleas for ppl to come back
  3. Sorry by Justin Bieber
    If you don't like this song then I disagree with you because it's amazing and the dance video makes me want to launch myself into the sun (in a good way)
  4. All Cried Out by Blonde
    I know nothing about this artist but I think they might be from the UK. Brits have been cranking this kind of upbeat alt electronic like nobody's business
  5. 쩔어 (DOPE) by BTS
    Actually I've been playing this whole mini album on repeat for the last couple of days. BTS are super talented and I love picking out their various influences (childish gambino, 90s hip hop, Big Bang [lbr which kpop artists ARENT influenced by bb]).
  6. Parachute by Code Kunst
    It features Oh Hyuk (who I love) and Dok2 (who I'm coming around to). It's a solid song coming from the newly active HIGHGRND label
  7. Joah by Jay Park
    I wake up with this song stuck in my head if that says anything about it. I like how I have two songs of the same name on this list LOLLLLLL
  8. Rhythm Ta by iKON
    I'm not a HUGE iKON fan yet because I think this is their only good single so far and I also dislike how YG keeps calling them the next bigbang when they're so far from that it's insane BUT I like this song a lot. Also...these are BOYS. Too young.
  9. Joke by Rap Monster
    He is insanely talented. Like - more talented than half the rappers in western music rn. And rapping in Korean is...wait for JOKE
  10. Worn by Corbin (Spooky Black?)
    This kid is like 17. But this song is very adult. Mood wise and language wise. Anyway I love it and it's not kpop so there