Documented in order
  1. Disney World
  2. Why is my hat slightly on the side. Why am I wearing a hat? Oh God why
  3. So for some reason I thought that there were going to be a lot of water rides so I insisted on wearing a bikini and a cover up to the theme park. Oh tween self, why
  4. Omg all the love 💕💕❤️💕
  5. St. Louis
  6. Look at us waving at the paparazzi
  7. Lol our genuine smiles are slowly fading, I'd say that they're 50/50 at this point
  8. Okay seriously this wasn't even posed like how fucking cool. An actual candid
  9. Before the acne hit, those were the days
  10. Lol at the obvious fake smiles
  11. San Antonio
    Lol I remember my family going to see the different animals and me standing a couple feet away from the exhibits with my arms crossed in protest.
  12. Probably talking about how annoying our parents are
  13. "Ohmygosh can you guys please stop taking pictures, I'm so hungry. Can we get turkey legs?"
  14. Wtf I don't remember this happening why would I ever agree to canoeing anyway. It's like a workout, wtf this is only acceptable if you're Rachel McAdams.
  15. Lolz
  16. Playa del Carmen
    Why my parents let me go to Mexico by myself at 16 is still beyond me.
  17. The cute little church my godfather got married in
  18. Omg I'm trying to rock a fedora. Why do I keep doing this to myself.
  19. Why blue and pink. Who encouraged this outfit decision? I want names
  20. Paris
  21. This is us telling our parents to fuck off. Without the cuss words of course
  22. Sri Lanka
    Gulf coast, one of my favorite memories
  23. Okay but seriously damn I look like I glowing goddess, do I not?
  24. Awkward pic #531
  25. Idk what's going on in this pic but it's super cute
  26. London
  27. St. Louis
    Round 2
  28. Impromptu road trip spring break 2015