Inspired by @Cara_duhh
  1. Panera
    Pick two. Usually the tomato, basil, & mozzarella panini and a Caesar salad. And of course water will hella lemons.
  2. McDonald's
    ATLEAST two chocolate chip cookies, freshly baked of course, a McDouble, sometimes even a snack size m&m McFlurry and a water with a side of regret
  3. Cookout
    Regular burger with everything on it except pickles bc gross and a mint Oreo milkshake plz
  4. Dairy Queen
    Yo, the s'mores blizzard will CHANGE UR LIFE
  5. Chick fil a
    Breakfast: 2 four count chicken minis and hella chick fil a sauce. Lunch: spicy chicken sandwich, frozen coffee, and hella chick fil a sauce.
  6. Bojangles
    Cajun filet biscuit plz
  7. Chipotle
    Burrito bowl, obvi. Brown rice, no beans, chicken, corn salsa and pico de gallo, lettuce and guac with a tortilla on the side. 🙃