2017 Travel Wishes

There are some beautiful destinations that I eventually want to explore in my lifetime. Given the state of the union at the moment, I'm even more motivated to get out of this place! Here's a list of the places I've had a strong hunger for that I wish to visit in 2017.
  1. Cuba
    So I've already purchased my roundtrip ticket from MIA into the beautiful capital of Havana. I'm most excited about gaining access to a culture that's been hidden from us for so long. The way recent visitors describe the colors, people, and food has me sooo anxious for April to get here! Fingers and toes crossed that our government maintains these ties until then!
  2. Hawaii
    Every year for my birthday, I travel to a different place outside of my hometown to bring in my new year with optimism and a new perspective on life. This year, Hawaii has made the list as the top destination for this birthday. Several Californians make annual trips to the Aloha State and have told me some amazing stories and shared even more amazing photos. I also hear there's a sick helicopter ride over an active volcano that I need to visit too 🚁
  3. Grand Canyon
    Living on the west coast is both a blessing and a curse. Having so many historic and beautiful places so close to me increases both my excitement and anxiety. In this case, these feelings have reached a new level and have me needing to visit ASAP. If Ron Swanson approves it, you know you've gotta go! Looking forward to roadtripping here with my sister in the early months 🚗
  4. Spain/Portugal/Morroco
    This is a stretch given the other planned trips above, but just getting to experience these countries within 10 days or so would give me just the fix I need to see all things Spain! Plus, it's a quick (and cheap) ride over to Morocco, checking off my first visit to the Motherland in one awesome combined trip!