Kind of in order, but also kind of fluid depending on the week
  1. Star Trek: Voyager
    It's all about Captain Janeway
  2. Big Bang Theory
    Can't think of anything bad to say about this show. Nerds being nerds, of course it's good.
  3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    The best Star Trek series overall, but Janeway keeps Voyager in a close 2nd (most of the time)
  4. Once Upon A Time
    One of the best shows showing the fluidity of right and wrong/good and evil. Lana Parilla probably plays one of the best villains of all time (Guys Baltar is her competition here)
  5. Firefly
    We all know this story...cancelled way too soon
  6. Friends
    Classic sitcom...doesn't get better. And fun to remind you about styles in the 90s.
  7. Arrow
    A superhero with no super me hope! Now I just gotta master the Salmon Ladder...right after I eat the bowl of ice cream.
  8. Flash
    It's a great positive bright super hero show...where can you go wrong. And I love how The Arrow and the Flash's plots intertwine from time to time.
  9. Marvel: Agents of Shield
    Kind of like a cross between Heroes and X-Men in the Marvel Universe. This show started kind of weak, but Holy Shit, every week it has been kicking off a great episode and it's getting better and better.