These are little places some more tucked away than others that are fun stores discovered over the years.
  1. Utsuwa Floral Design
    Hiro is the owner of this little plant shop. he makes amazing terrariums and bonsai and is a great place to get a gift or buy some succulents. he's also a great florist too. highly recommend visiting.
  2. Ocean Aquariums
    This place is tucked away in a small alley and you have to duck your head through the door. there are amazing fresh water fish tanks and plant life - this place has been here for years. I had to give this guy my 8 year old gold fish (rocko) when I moved and he still updates me on how he is doing.
  3. Flight 001
    Cool little shop of things you don't need. Great to grab something before a trip or case for your various cords.