If you haven't had one, you should.
  1. Basik Cafe
    A really good one. Always a line so prepare to wait. They had their first shop in Hawaii and opened one in SF. Very chill vibe, feels like you maybe walked into a shop in haneli.
  2. Bowl'D Acai
    If you're in SOMA this is the spot. Acai in a food truck is just as good as a shop. The owners are very friendly focus on high quality organic Acai.
  3. Project Juice
    I've only got these on demand from caviar but that's the only way I'd get them again. Okay if too lazy to leave the home but frozen blueberries and minimal mixings don't leave me wanting more.
  4. Francesca's Famous Acai
    My fiancé now makes better bowls than the best. She buys the exact ingredients and improves on the best recipes. All you need is a vitamix, whole foods, and Fran.