if you dig coffee....
  1. Jane - they serve stumptown. Go Oregon.
  2. Sightglass - bump into your neighborhood investor, no wifi either. #contraians
  3. The Mill - Four barrel served here and good toast.
  4. Blue Bottle - rumor has it this cafe makes more $ per square foot than an Apple Store.
  5. Contraband - less fame than other local roasters but better than ritual.
  6. B. Patisserie - BYOC but pick up any pastry. This place is super french.
  7. *Ritual - this is not one of the best, it's a PSA to avoid, the red cup will draw you in and the coffee will leave you unsatisfied.
  8. Mazzarine
    One of the better coffee shops on market if you are looking for a pour over and taking a break from sbux and peets.
  9. Saint Frank
    This is a good spot on Polk. I don't know if I'm a huge fan of the coffee, for some reason it's never stuck out to me but the architecture and design of the coffee bar is very cool.
  10. Artís Coffee
    A cool simple, clean, minimalist coffee shop in Hayes. Small but a good vibe for a quick espresso when you're in the neighborhood.
  11. Iron Horse
    It's on maiden lane with the "coffee that doesn't suck sign" good for a quick cup or espresso or latte.
  12. My Place - I make a very good pour over with a variety of fresh roasts. Nespresso is my espresso because I haven't started pulling shots yet, but it's on the roadmap.