Breakfast Spots in Portland?

I'm from there but could use some other tips.
  1. Cadillac Cafe
  2. Beesaws
  3. Heathman Hotel
  4. The Original Pancake House
  5. Waffle window
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  6. Helzers
    Delicious potato pancakes, and a good option if the line's too long at Tin Shed.
    Suggested by   @leslie
  7. Tin Shed
    A classic for a reason, and you can bring your dog. They will give you blankets if it's cold outside!
    Suggested by   @leslie
  8. The Bad Habit Room
    Artisanal pop tart!
    Suggested by   @leslie
  9. The Screen Door!!!
    Suggested by   @corey
  10. Tilt
    Both Tilt locations have good breakfast and no wait!
    Suggested by   @leslie
  11. Overlook Restaurant
    If you hate waiting in lines but love chairs with wheels and video poker.
    Suggested by   @leslie
  12. Pine State Biscuits
    Suggested by   @tothemaxxx
  13. The Country Cat
    Home fries are killin it. Also a good excuse to hit up 79th And Stark
    Suggested by   @nc17