I'm from there but could use some other tips.
  1. Cadillac Cafe
  2. Beesaws
  3. Heathman Hotel
  4. The Original Pancake House
  5. Waffle window
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  6. Helzers
    Delicious potato pancakes, and a good option if the line's too long at Tin Shed.
    Suggested by @leslie
  7. Tin Shed
    A classic for a reason, and you can bring your dog. They will give you blankets if it's cold outside!
    Suggested by @leslie
  8. The Bad Habit Room
    Artisanal pop tart!
    Suggested by @leslie
  9. The Screen Door!!!
    Suggested by @corey
  10. Tilt
    Both Tilt locations have good breakfast and no wait!
    Suggested by @leslie
  11. Overlook Restaurant
    If you hate waiting in lines but love chairs with wheels and video poker.
    Suggested by @leslie
  12. Pine State Biscuits
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  13. The Country Cat
    Home fries are killin it. Also a good excuse to hit up 79th And Stark
    Suggested by @nc17