Coming from a Bay Area visitor.
  1. People actually like cabs? Or are just reluctant to admit Uber is better.
  2. They either still have a blackberry or lament about having recently given it up. #2006. Note: I even saw one small blackberry keyboard attached to an iPhone.
  3. It's still not called "San Fran" at least there was no abuse of "Frisco" that I heard.
  4. There are a million restaurants but the only one talked about, all the time, is Carbone.
  5. Riding a bike in Central Park is supposed to be enjoyable, but reminds me of the short trip across the Golden Gate Bridge which is generally the worst part.
  6. Traffic is terrible, felt like I was right at home.
  7. On demand services are just known as delivery and have been around for years already.
  8. If staying in SoHo and you don't work in fashion, you will automatically appear as a tourist.
  9. Nature is limited to one big Central Park, and the whole city visits when sunny.
  10. A bit jealous over how late dinner is consumed and available. SF feels like an early bird special.