1. Wise words from Jake Camusi in our VG group text. Perfectly explains the relationship between rap and behinds.
  2. I mean nobody likes handjobs better than Kurt and Vogel frequently gets handjobs under tables so this is pretty humorous
  3. Lexie(Bernese) tested positive for 3 separate types of anabolic steroids and a low grade beaver tranquilizer.
  4. I mean this is just who Vogel is plain and simple
  5. Dan? Are you an alien? Are you my dad ?
  6. Classic bickering between friends in the VG group text. Still unsure whether the trophy ever arrived
  7. The classic tale of rolley polley armies, cute girls named Polly, and science. Written by myself and Jake Vogel, premiering on sci-fy soon
  8. Jakey the train
  9. Haha I think his mom took this picture at a tailgate
  10. Um y u die slu? Y u do dis