Favorite Twitter interactions w/ @_abbyd

I feel as though my title is clear enough. No particular order--or maybe there's a very particular order and if you read the first letter of the fourth word of every bulletpoint then it'll spell out a super secret message--or maybe no particular order.
  1. the time she suggested I download this app but I was drunk and accidentally downloaded an app called "TheList" that serves as a tourist guide to Vegas
  2. the time she retweeted one of @SheaSerrano's tweets and changed my life forever #FOH
  3. the time she rescued a plastic bag on the side of the road
  4. the time she tried to get me signed up to test li.st's beta app for android (which didn't work)
  5. the time I tried to get Shea to wish her happy birthday (which also didn't work)
  6. the countless times I've asked for book and/or music suggestions and she came in clutch every. single. time.
  7. the time this happened
  8. the time she tweeted about Father John Misty's album "I Love You, Honeybear" but I was only familiar with the song "I Love You, Honeybear" at the time but I totally played it off then later listened to the whole album and my life changed forever again
  9. the time she tweeted lyrics to a fantastic Cake song before I had even met her and I decided that moving forward she was my friend whether she liked it or not. NO BACKSY-OUTYS ON THIS FRIENDSHIP, ABBY
  10. the time I got to rub it in her face that I saw Cake live, which served as a preemptive strike for my unrelenting jealousy that she saw Father John Misty this past year and I didn't