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recent as in within the last 7 years or so. Some more recent than I'd like to admit. more to come
  1. "Is anybody walking, when they tell us, that their walking?"
    "Annie are you ok, when you tell us that you're ok" - MJ, Billie Jean
  2. "Newborns in your closet."
    "New bones in your closet." - Aaliyah, More than a Woman
  3. "It's ok girl, cuz I'm gon be yo ride tonight. You don't have to call" (a cab).
    "Cuz I'm gon be alright tonight" - Usher, Don't Have to Call
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Book altering is one of my favorite art forms. Today I found one of my first attempts at book altering, a self-reflective informational that was meant to double as a sketch book.
  1. Parts of a book: cover, front flap, back flap, spine, and signature
    Signature - a large piece of paper that contains several printed pages of the book that is folded to create a section of the book.
  2. Altered book art is very similar to "ready made art" but involves modification.
  3. The book I used was called "Taro and the Bamboo Shoot."
    This was a Japanese children's story about a boy who encounters some weird things as his family prepared for a big feast during harvest.
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Some random observations from my window as post-finals week insomnia continues.
  1. It's yellow outside.
    The light pollution here is ridiculous. I really wish you could see stars in the city. For now, the planes flying into O'Hare will have to suffice.
  2. A mother is dropping her child off to the people next door.
    She's heading off to her next job. She got home from her first job 2 hours ago. We ran into each other when she arrived. She said: "Mira la Bri! Temprano has llegado - un milagro!"
  3. Parked cars are a dope boy's cubicle.
    They sit there on their phones for hours, occasionally flickering their lights at one another. All neatly lined up. Organized in departmental territories. They look like a drive up call center.
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Confused? I know. I am often cited by my peers as being "the realist." Well today I inform you that being a real nigga isn't necessarily about total honesty as you may expect. It's about keeping it 💯 about your OBSERVATIONS📤. However, honest INTROSPECTION📥 requires a higher level of realness that I have not yet mastered and that very few do.
  1. 1.
    Shaming the Chiraq movie.
    I study film in school. I'm from Chicago. Let's face it: I'm gonna see the movie. I'll probably tear it to shreds afterwards, but I admittedly have a soft spot for Spike Lee Joints... wait no I don't. I'm just obsessed with fellow bori Rosie Perez. 🇵🇷
  2. 2.
    Not liking social media.
    I luh this shit. Mainly because I'm an introvert and social media lets me "see people" without constantly depleting all of my precious social energy.
  3. 3.
    Being an introvert.
    Wait, whut? Yes, I have my introverted qualities, but I can be really open in conversation too. Maybe in a way that would hurt "real" introverts. I love facilitating as well.
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cuz i love my friend and i want to make sure that they know it✨ and apparently that is radical. 🤔
  1. because love is more dynamic than fucking or not fucking.
  2. and we should liberate ourselves from the idea that intimate love should be restricted to monogamy.
  3. because intimacy isn't always physical...
    but it can be 😉
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  1. 🌫 Like air, we sometimes seem nearly invisible to those around us, although we are the sustenance of their existence. Constantly breathed but unaccredited.
  2. 💧Like water, we can make ourselves hard enough to resist or fluid enough to take up new shapes big and small, but we never lose our base composition.
  3. 🍃 Like earth, we harvest an abundance of life within and out of us. We nurture despite the risk of over extraction or exploitation.
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