Confused? I know. I am often cited by my peers as being "the realist." Well today I inform you that being a real nigga isn't necessarily about total honesty as you may expect. It's about keeping it 💯 about your OBSERVATIONS📤. However, honest INTROSPECTION📥 requires a higher level of realness that I have not yet mastered and that very few do.
  1. Shaming the Chiraq movie.
    I study film in school. I'm from Chicago. Let's face it: I'm gonna see the movie. I'll probably tear it to shreds afterwards, but I admittedly have a soft spot for Spike Lee Joints... wait no I don't. I'm just obsessed with fellow bori Rosie Perez. 🇵🇷
  2. Not liking social media.
    I luh this shit. Mainly because I'm an introvert and social media lets me "see people" without constantly depleting all of my precious social energy.
  3. Being an introvert.
    Wait, whut? Yes, I have my introverted qualities, but I can be really open in conversation too. Maybe in a way that would hurt "real" introverts. I love facilitating as well.
  4. Liking "conscious rap".
    To be quite honest, I can relate a lot more to a Chief Keef narrative than a J Cole or a Common. I still actively seek to liberate my mind from the oppressive powers that be through other mediums, just not through music.
  5. Liking J Cole in particular.
    He's boring. Nothing he's done past Friday Night Lights has stimulated me.
  6. Not caring about a potential partner's height.
    I do, dude. I'm sorry😬 I have some internalized expectations about how couples should look. It's petty, I know. I'm working through it.
  7. Being too busy to reply.
    No one is that busy. I just like to let shit sit. There are so many other things I'm required to be urgent about right now, like studying or finding a post grad job, or paying bills. I resist by letting the things that can sit, sit.
  8. Giving advice.
    The advice i give is real, but I don't practice what I preach. I need to.
  9. Being ok.
    I'm not ok right now, but I'm taking steps to get there.
  10. Being hungry.
    I'm not hungry, I'm just procrastinating 😋