Some random observations from my window as post-finals week insomnia continues.
  1. It's yellow outside.
    The light pollution here is ridiculous. I really wish you could see stars in the city. For now, the planes flying into O'Hare will have to suffice.
  2. A mother is dropping her child off to the people next door.
    She's heading off to her next job. She got home from her first job 2 hours ago. We ran into each other when she arrived. She said: "Mira la Bri! Temprano has llegado - un milagro!"
  3. Parked cars are a dope boy's cubicle.
    They sit there on their phones for hours, occasionally flickering their lights at one another. All neatly lined up. Organized in departmental territories. They look like a drive up call center.
  4. Gas is really cheap.
    $2.11 is this real gas?
  5. A couple is dancing near the window in a house across the street.
    It looks like bomba. You can tell by their posture that they're older. And because they look like they actually know what they're doing. No young people can dance bomba with that much confidence.
  6. Everyone out right now is either walking really fast or standing very still, waiting.
    There are two kinds of people in the hood...